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Purchasing a condominium home requires the assistance of a REALTOR® with very specialized knowledge of how that market works. Knowing how to read and analyze the many documents involved; like the Declaration, By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations requires the experience of a professional who has watched and been involved in this rapidly growing segment of the real estate market over the past number of years. As a REALTOR® with the experience of having marketed and sold over a hundred condo units in the past five years Trevor is uniquely positioned to help anyone buying or selling a condominium home in Nova Scotia.

Buying a condominium home in a brand new building can be fun and very profitable, but the process is frought with hazards. It can be fun because you get to choose your finishes and decor and, if you get in early enough, you might even be able to do a bit of re-design like moving or eliminating a wall – at a cost, of course. Profitable because the developer usually sells the first few units at a loss just to get the ball rolling. We have clients who purchased from plans who actually doubled their equity by the time the last owner moved into the building. And now for the hazardous part; First, the closing almost never happens when the developer says it will happen. Secondly, the costs can be more than you expected or were led to believe. For example, the developers agent or salesperson may forget to tell you about the contingancy fund contribution (the equivalent of 3 months condo fees) or that the “estimated” condo fees haven’t factored in the Reserve Fund Contribution… The list goes on. And the biggest hazard? It may be the developer or builder themselves. Like any endeavour, there are good condo developers and not so good developers and there are even a few very bad developers. If your new condominium purchase is going to be successful you need your own REALTOR® to represent your interests. Usually that representation doesn’t cost you anything because the seller is paying the commission, but it could cost a lot if you do not have your own agent.

For more information on the joys and the pitfalls of buying a condominium home give Trevor a call at (902) 423-5111or e-mail him at tparsons@innovativerealestate.ca

“We couldn't have asked for better service from a Realtor in both the purchase of our new home and the sale of our old home. Trevor was open, honest and ethical and was extremely attentive to our needs.”

Cheryl Aubie & Cameron Deacoff


“Brian has been my realtor for the last three houses I have purchased…I can always trust that Brian is offering his true opinions and never feel that he is holding back in order to make the sale.”

Lee Ann Wentzell


"Extremely helpful and attentive…Trevor’s knowledge of neighbourhoods and other service providers was a fantastic help."

Ron & Sherri Smith

“Brian has a wealth of experience in real estate, making him incredibly knowledgeable. He pointed out interesting traits or potential problems in some homes that we never would have noticed.”

Chris Boyd & Barb Pearce

"Trevor was a great professionals to deal with. Always responded promptly to requests and answered my questions in a straight-forward manner. I appreciate that. I would highly recommend the use of their services."

Sally Dawson

"Moving from out of province, a friend recommended Trevor to us…he helped us navigate our way through the selection of a neighbourhood, choosing our new home and closing.”

Barb Rose & Peter Morrison

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